Gus Perez

A native of St. Croix, USVI, Gus Perez is both a Master Carpenter and CEO of his own company, Gus’ Woodworks.  As project coordinator his invaluable attention to detail and creative skills in all manner of woodwork bring new life into our projects, all executed with precision and an eye for the unexpected.

David Favret

New Orleans native David Favret has always had a “big love” for the “Big Easy”.  After a successful career in the hospitality industry David decided to turn his passion for the city’s storied neighborhoods and unique architectures into his new profession. Latter & Blum has been a home away from home for David. It is also home to some of the most successful Realtors in the New Orleans representing unique properties and a diverse client portfolio. David is a Broker and became a Sales Manager of Gardner Realty, where he abides by the motto “Love Where You Live.”


He has what you might call a “knack” or a unique ability to see past the wear of time, past years of neglect, and past what many simply overlook.Hailing from the small town of Belzoni, Mississippi, Mike studied journalism at the University of Mississippi before moving to Houston, Texas where he spent 30 years in real estate. A lifelong fondness for New Orleans made an opportunity to venture into its’ real estate market an easy decision for him. The city’s unique architecture and colorful history provide ample inspiration for each of his projects. Using an instinctive creative skill set and eye for dazzling design, he fearlessly blends old and new materials. While truly distinctive, his homes reflect their heritage and Mike’s commitment to using as many locally sourced materials as possible. The marriage of things like barge board and chrome may seem unlikely… but wait until you see it.The stunning results are now eagerly sought by both locals and visitors seeking their piece of the Crescent City.Flip The Quarter was established as an antidote to the ordinary. No questionable appliances, cast-off furnishings, or faded Mardi Gras beads here, ‘cher. You never know what to expect because after all, this ain’t suburbia.